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Superior security equipment, superior installations in La Verne CA. Picture perfect home monitoring system installations! We take pride in providing first class customer experience, each and every time.

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Home security system for sale near me? You found us!

We can help with any of your home camera security system needs and our consultations are always free.

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You can stop searching for “burglar alarm companies near me” now!

La Verne Home Protection Pros provides best home security systems and we’re always close to you in La Verne, CA.

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La Verne Home Protection Pros

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You can stop searching for “Cheap home security systems near me” now!

La Verne Home Protection Pros provides wireless home alarm systems and we’re always close to you in La Verne, CA.

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You can stop searching for “home security near me” now!

La Verne Home Protection Pros provides home security alarm and we’re always close to you in La Verne, CA.

Contact us today to schedule a free home alarm systems consultation.

La Verne Home Protection Pros
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a year ago
I moved to a new residence and I could not be happier with my service with La Verne Home Protection Pros! It was a joy to work with the staff members that helped install the cameras in my home. The girl on the phone was such a delight and is always willing to answer any questions or concerns I have in a polite and professional manner. I feel safe in my home and highly recommend using La Verne Home Protection Pros!
- Mohammed B
a year ago
La Verne Home Protection Pros is a local business who prioritises their clients needs above anything else. They have an extensive amount of knowledge in home security and have been in the business for over 30 years. If you want amazing customer service on top of superb experience and pride for the work they do, look no further!
- Louis O
a year ago
La Verne Home Protection Pros were great to work with-quick response time, informative, and reliable! I would suggest them to any family looking to add more security to their home.
- Reyna T

La Verne best alarm systems for home

Home security systems are so common these days that purchasing an installation from La Verne Home Protection Pros is comparable to having microwaves built into a household. These home security systems are no longer expensive. Plus, the continuous innovation and technological advancements that have occurred in this field make buying a security system investment-worthy.

In the U.S., there's a robbery that happens every 15 seconds (based on reports from the National Burglary and Fire Alarm Association). An average $1,700 is lost during a typical theft. So it's understandable why 1 in 4 property owners are buying and installing home security systems.

Home security systems start as little as $10, but can easily increase with every item you include into the kit. This is precisely the reason many specialists recommend sitting down and identifying a household's needs before actually choosing the home security system.

If you're interested in a home security alarm, know that some cities require alarm permits on top of super-high penalty fees for fake or false alarms.

2 Types of Home Security System Installations

Homeowners and renters don't have to stress about property safeguarding anymore, since wireless home security systems can be as cheap as $20 and set up as quickly as 30 minutes. And these systems aren't even the lowest quality in the market.

  • Do-it-yourself: Available at most electronic shops, hardware stores or home improvement shops. These home security systems are affordable and require no technical know-how. However, it can be challenging if you don't have any idea about wireless vs. wired home security systems. Plus it's important to go to trusted dealerships, so you can get a refund if any of the cameras, alarms, or other units fail to work.
  • Professionally-installed: These require the help of Home Protection Pros trained to install home security systems professionally. Companies like ADT and Brink do everything from evaluating your property to set-up and then to home alarm monitoring. As you guessed, professionally-installed home security systems can be expensive.

  Some energy service providers these days also offer to install home security systems in residential properties, but these would require you to pay monthly on top of your utility bill.

6 Considerations Before Signing an Agreement

Home security systems  not only protect your property from theft and damage, but increase its value significantly. However, you shouldn't just be signing off agreements with home security monitoring companies so quickly. Here are several considerations you should take note:

1) Marketing business vs. home security system dealers.

Marketing companies have flooded the market with hard-to-resist offers, but actually fail to implement when it comes to installation or monitoring. This is because marketers often use sub-contractors, which can cause varying levels of quality in terms of service, then customers are left with a third-party provider once the marketing company packs up.

2) Costs vary a lot

Don't be fooled by home alarm systems with attractive prices. Secure systems for home and offices vary a lot, based on what type of devices you want to include. For example, motion detectors (depending on how many you need for your home), sirens, door or window contacts, control panel, and so on can quickly add up to your bill. Plus the monthly monitoring expenses will also depend on the number of devices your home security systems have.

3) Transferrable or not

Some companies that sell home security systems may try to trick you into signing an agreement that binds you to their services forever. Know that you can buy devices from one company, and obtain monitoring services from another. This way, you can switch home security monitoring companies if the one you currently subscribe to provide unsatisfactory services.

Learn about popular brands in this industry. Caddx, DSC, or Ademco are manufacturers of home security alarms, home security cameras, and other devices for home protection. All of these brands can be monitored by any company of your choice.

4) Initial device investment can be waived, depending on monthly fees   You may not know this, but some home security monitoring companies give out the systems free of charge. In exchange, you'd have to hire them for monitoring throughout a given period (such as 12-24 months), or if you placed a security check in advance.

FYI, you can find companies installing home security systems for as low as $99. Note that home security monitoring companies may also charge you with double the monthly price after 3 years or more, so make sure to read the fine print.

5)  Price devices individually

Evaluating prices per device is the best way to know if a home security system is worth the investment. A home security alarm worth $50 upfront and $70 monthly isn't necessarily cheaper than another one that costs $75 with a $25 monthly monitoring fee. Know market prices and compare, compare, compare.

6) Do you really need that add-on?

Be aware of services that may sneak into your home security plan. Some home security monitoring companies may try to upsell things like fire tracking or medical tracking, which can be valuable to some people, but not to your current situation. These additional features add $5 to $10 on your monthly monitoring fee, so they could quickly add up if you're not careful.

Add-ons that may be more useful involve certification (used for insurance), extended warranties, and VIP repair tickets.

Where to Start Building Your Home Security Systems

Going the do-it-yourself route has its pros and cons. However, if you want to do it right the first time around, hire a professional. Hire La Verne Home Protection Pros.

Secure your La Verne home, or anywhere in the Los Angeles County area. Get free quotes and professional advice for:

  • The best home security system
  • Affordable security systems for home
  • Home monitoring system

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